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Rough Guides (UK): Passport to Write 2015 Competition Winner

The Day I’ll Never Forget: A Visit to the Salar de Uyuni

Transitions Abroad Narrative Travel Writing Competition 2016 Second Place Winner

A Glass of Sugar Cane Syrup and Lime (Features my photography)

Transitions Abroad Expatriate and Work Abroad Writing Competition 2016 Second Place Winner

Language Lessons and Television Appearances in Sucre, Bolivia (Features my photography)


The Rough Guides (UK):

Solo Travel In South America: Everything You Need To Know

How To Find The Right South American For You

9 Signs You Travelled Too Much Last Year

8 Ways To Justify Booking Your Next Trip

14 Thoughts We’ve Definitely All Had Travelling

10 Fears We’ve All Had Travelling and How To Overcome Them

The Cities That Make Chile South America’s Coolest Country

13 Ways You Know You’re A Seasoned Traveller

7 Travel Trends You Should Try This Year

8 of South America’s Most Memorable Eccentricities

15 Things Everyone Learns Backpacking in South America

8 Must-Visit Places in South America You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Travelling in Your 20s and 30s Is The New Year Out: Here’s Why

Bolivia’s Most Beautiful Journeys

Bolivia: Make Time for South America’s Most Misunderstood Country

Towards the Heart of the Amazon: A Journey by Bolivian River Boat (Features my photography)

Transitions Abroad (US):

Who Volunteer in Bolivia?

The Practical Guide to a Small Group Tour

Why Travel Abroad is an Essential Part of High School (UK):

6 Ways to Make A Gap Year More Valuable

7 Travel Resolutions to Make For 2017

5 Of the Most Spectacular Budget Trails in South America

7 Travel Epiphanies We’ve All Experienced

10 Ways Travel Isn’t How Instagram Wants Us to Believe

5 Hostel Kitchen Recipes That’ll Make Your Mum Proud

5 Things You Should Never Do When Travelling in South America

11 Things Only Travelling Brits Understand

5 Sure Signs You Need to Volunteer Abroad

6 Reasons You Should Go Overlanding

Life Lessons from 18 Months on the Road

Taxi Drivers We’ve All Met While Travelling

Climbing Volcanoes in the Atacama Desert (Features my photography)

Find Adventure When You Travel (Features my photography)

How to Learn a Language When You Travel

Travel and Volunteer As a Career Move

How to Live Like a Local While Travelling

Ten Amazing Reasons to Visit Bolivia (Features my photography) (US)

4 Popular Types of Volunteering Work in Chile Needing Your Helping Hands

Adventures in Eastern Europe That Need to Be On Your Bucket List

13 Ways Working Abroad Teaches You How to Adult

5 Best Cities for Internships in Chile

A Guide to Language Study Abroad in Central America

A Guide to TEFL Courses in Bolivia

Guide to High School Programs Abroad in Peru

Verge Magazine (Canada):

Becoming a Part of Something

How I Overcame a Language Barrier to Volunteer Abroad

The Challenges of Rural Life

Other publications

New Worlder

Pisco Origins Though a Chilean Lens


10 Insanely Beautiful Spots in Chile


The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking in Bolivia

The Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking in Peru

The Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking in Chile

The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in Patagonia

Why Chile Shouldn’t Be Missed Off Your Adventure Travel Itinerary

Go Nomad

Tips for Travelling Chile on a Budget (US)

Volunteering Programme Interview: Education and Development Projects with Up Close Bolivia

Interviews and features: (US)

9 People Who Will Inspire You To Volunteer Abroad This Year

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