15 of the Best Day Hikes in Torres del Paine National Park

This protected area in Southern Chilean Patagonia is best known as the location of the W trek or the O Circuit – two of South America’s most splendid multi-day hikes.

This viewpoint allows striking vistas of Lago Pehoé and the Los Cuernos mountains, although the views are somewhat less impressive than those from Mirador Cóndor.

Mirador Pehoé

Once you arrive at the mirador, expect sweeping views of Glaciar Pingo perched above Lago Pingo, as well as the glittering bulk of Glaciar Zapata in the south.

Mirador Zapata

Glaciar Grey is far in the distance, but you’ll see huge bergs of ice bobbing in the frigid waters.

Mirador Lago Grey

You’ll find the gushing waters of Salta Chico, a small waterfall that drains from Lago Pehoé into Lago del Toro, located here.

Mirador Salto Chico

You might even catch a glimpse of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field in the northwest, or the gleaming waters of Lago Sarmiento de Gamboa out east.

Mirador Cóndor

This short, flat trail leads to a beach overlook Lago Pehoé, with sensational views of the Cordillera Paine and the park’s iconic “horns”, Los Cuernos.

Mirador Cardan

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