25 Bolivia Tourist Attractions That You Just Can’t Miss

Bolivia is a country full of beautiful places and people. There is seemingly no end to the gorgeous scenery, unique landmarks, and intriguing culture that Bolivia has to offer.

When planning a trip here, it can feel hard to narrow down all the options among the different Bolivian tourist attractions on offer. 

Join us as we dive in to Bolivia’s most intriguing, blood-pressure increasing and historic things to do in Bolivia. 

Summit a 6,000-metre mountain

If you fly into El Alto International Airport, the breathtaking Huayna Potosí is probably the first thing you’ll notice when you walk out the doors.



Stand in awe of the world’s largest salt flat

Hop on a tour and experience the salt flat for yourself, as well as the surrounding lagunas and deserts.


Shop for souvenirs on Calle Sagarnaga

If you want anything made out of alpaca or aguayo (the colorful woven fabric) the options are endless, and the prices are easy on the wallet.


Trek historic Inca Trails

This 40 km trek will take you up and over a mountain and down into the jungle. 


Hike through Bolivia’s “Grand Canyon”

Be sure to check out the horseshoe bridge that allows visitors to actually step out over the canyon to admire the scenery.

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