The 10 Best Day Trips from Cartagena, Colombia’s Walled City

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia – not to be confused with the one in Spain – is known for its beautiful old town.

Cartagena feels like one of Colombia’s liveliest cities, and it’s true that the “walled city” itself offers plenty of things to do.

These day trips from Cartagena give you a chance to dig deeper into the region, whether you’re seeking to observe bioluminescent plankton off picture-perfect beaches or want the soothing experience of bathing in volcano mud.

Fish with local fishermen in La Boquilla

Famous for having some of the best beaches in the area. Swim, rent a jet ski, or bike along the coastline; pick whichever activities you like!



Learn the traditional rhythms of Colombia’s Caribbean coast in La Boquilla

Discover more about the irresistible beats that make up the Caribbean coast’s musical history.


Take a tour out to Colombia’s prettiest town and learn about its musical heritage

It’s the perfect place to buy jewellery and other such souvenirs or just stroll along the Río Magdalena upon which this historic little town sits. 


Jump into a volcano crater at El Totumo, Santa Catalina

It used to spew lava – allegedly – but now produces just mud enriched with sulfur, iron, calcium and silica, among other minerals.


Take a road trip to the pink sea of Galerazamba

Only 20 minutes away from El Totumo volcano, you’ll find another unique landmark: The Pink sea. Due to its high levels of salt, the water turns pink.

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