Essentials To Know Before Hiking The Torres del Paine Circuit

Hiking the Torres del Paine Circuit was an incredible introduction to the fierce wilderness yet surreal beauty of the Chilean half of this region. 

While it’s an excellent introduction to multi-day trekking (more about that shortly!), you are carrying all of your equipment and your food.

Hiking the O Circuit is no walk in the park

The Circuit is definitely the more challenging hike and I would go as far as saying that it’s one of the most difficult hikes in Patagonia.

It’s more challenging – but more rewarding

There is one simple way of making the Circuit trek significantly easier: planning the contents of your rucksack carefully.

Having the right equipment makes all the difference

From this unpleasant experience, you must buy good quality hiking boots.

Good quality, broken in and waterproof hiking boots are your #1 essential item

Packing for hiking the Torres del Paine Circuit requires a bit of thought, as you’ll need clothing that covers practically all seasons.

Bring hot and cold weather clothing to hike the Circuit

Rather than take a 1kg bag of rice that you probably won’t use all of, pack it into individual portions in small, ziplock plastic bags.

Plan your food carefully

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