Famous Food in Peru: Dishes & Culinary Treats You Must Try

In a country renowned for its unique archaeological sites, stunning natural setting and welcoming people, Peru’s cuisine is the coup de grâce

Peru’s food and drink belong in the conversation of the world’s best with their innovation and variety and are a highlight for all who visit. 

Everywhere you go, you’ll find a local speciality and there’s a good chance you’ll love it all. Here are the 29 culinary treats and most famous food in Peru.

Cuy chactado

Cuy can be cooked in a number of ways, the most traditional of which is chactado (fried and pressed with stones). 



Rocoto relleno

In this dish, a spicy rocoto pepper resembling a green or red capsicum is hollowed out and filled with minced beef, chopped onions, garlic, carrots, peas and pecans. 



One of the tastiest and most common dishes found at almost every restaurant, the causa (also called causa rellena or limeña) is Peru’s unique take on the potato salad. 


Papa a la huancaína

This popular plate, based on the ever-popular ají amarillo, is a thick sauce over boiled potatoes and eggs. This simple classic always hits the spot any time of day. 



Another Arequipa entry, and candidate for best salad on Earth, is solterito. This is a well-balanced salad that makes a full meal.

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