Famous Food in Peru: The Dishes & Culinary Treats You Must Try

In a country renowned for its unique archaeological sites, stunning natural setting and welcoming people, Peru’s cuisine is the coup de grâce.  

Everywhere you go, you’ll find a local speciality and there’s a good chance you’ll love it all. Here are the 29 culinary treats and most famous food in Peru.

This stir-fry starts with thinly-sliced beef cooked in dark soy sauce and vinegar, adds onions and tomatoes and is served with rice and a side of french fries.

Lomo saltado

Deriving from the Quechua word siwichi, meaning fresh fish, ceviche has been a local staple for centuries.


This seafood-based soup can include any or all of fish, crab, octopus and shellfish, in a spicy broth of ají amarillo and ají panca chillies and lemon juice.


Leche de Tigre - a traditional Latin American ceviche marinade made from fresh seafood and citrus dishes.

Leche de tigre

Anticuchos are found in many restaurants but are often enjoyed as street food. Just follow your nose – and the crowds – and you’ll find what you’re after.


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