Guide to Visiting Easter Island Without Breaking the Bank

As I found out on my trip to Easter Island, there are plenty of ways that you can explore this 163 square kilometre-island without forking out thousands of dollars.

Easter Island is located in the Pacific Ocean and the nearest land masses are the Pitcairn Islands, 1,931 kilometres west.

Where exactly is Easter Island?

The journey to Easter Island aboard this ship also takes seven days through open waters – so it’s only really suited to those with particularly strong sea legs.

How to get to Easter Island

Often the best way to get cheap flights is to book well in advance and this can certainly be the case for Easter Island.

How to secure cheap flights to Rapa Nui

If you want to see the island at its quietest, talk to the locals, and see daily life here, I recommend September and October or April and May.

When is the best time to visit Easter Island?

Shops selling deep-fried pastry empanadas, filled with tuna and cheese or other fish, that normally cost around $2,000-$4,000 CLP ($3-$6 USD).

Food and dining costs on Easter Island

Oceanic Rapa Nui have several other types of vehicles including Suzuki Grand Vitaras at $65.000 CLP ($100 USD).

Transportation costs and getting around Easter Island

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