How to Be a More Responsible Traveler This Year

Your visit should aim to enhance the quality of life – whether financially or culturally – of the people that you meet. Your time spent in the country should not cause damage to the environment. 

I’ve put together the following five travel tips for how you can be a responsible tourist. 

This is one of the central tenets of Worldly Adventurer – and I’m always banging on about going beyond-the-beaten-trail.

Start by just visiting places where most tourists don’t go

This helps to support and maintain the local culture and the fascinating way of life of those people.

Choose to go on tours to, and run by, local communities

As this approach means you’re not lining the pockets of companies and people who have no cultural investment in the country.

Choose homestays and guesthouses over international chain hotels

Spending money locally is a great way to ensure your cash goes to where it’s needed most.

Go local in every way possible

Finally, an important way of supporting responsible travelling is to promote the places you visited.

Promote places and help them achieve success

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