Is Patagonia currently open for travel during COVID-19?

Do you want to go to Argentina or Chile as a tourist right now? Argentina and Chile announced that their borders would be reopened to international travelers after a long period of closure.

Land borders between Chile and Argentina are now open. As of September 1, you no longer are required to apply for a Mobility Pass.

The land border between Chile and Argentina is open

72 hours before your flight: Make sure you have a copy of your vaccination certificate as issued by the country in which you live.

Vaccinated travellers arriving in Chile

Unvaccinated travellers can enter Chile, however, you must present a negative result in a PCR test dated less than 48 hours from departure.

Unvaccinated travellers arriving in Chile

Mask-wearing may be required in public spaces, although from September 2022, they removed the requirement to wear a mask in airports and on aeroplanes.

Covid restrictions inside Chile

- Take out a robust travel insurance policy.   - Sign up to your governmental update system, if you have one.

Recommendations for travelling to Patagonia during COVID-19

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