Patagonia Backpacking Itineraries For Three Weeks & Beyond

If a short visit just isn’t enough (believe me, it’s not), then the following Patagonia backpacking itineraries for three weeks and beyond should be more up your street.

Fly from Santiago to Punta Arenas in Patagonia with LATAM or Sky Airline (the latter is cheaper) (three hours 35 minutes, four flights per day).

Day One: Santiago to Punta Arenas

There’s plenty of excellent steak restaurants in town, including El Fogon De Lalo, where you can try roasted lamb there – an ubiquitous Patagonia dish.

Where to eat in Punta Arenas

The supermarkets in Punta Arenas have more selection and are cheaper than those in Puerto Natales where most backpackers stock up.

Day Two: Pack/plan for hiking the O Circuit

If you’ve brought hiking gear with you, you can spend the day visiting the waterfront or just enjoying the town.

Day Three: Puerto Natales

At very affordable prices – stay at the characterful, vintage-style Vinnhaus ($13,000 dorm ($20 USD), $38,000-$50,000 double ($58 USD-$77 USD).

Budget accommodation in Puerto Natales

Enjoy nine days of trekking through magical scenery, spotting wildlife such as owls, guanacos and Andean Condors.

Days Four-Twelve: The O Circuit, Torres del Paine National Park

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