Peru’s Choquequirao Trek: The Ultimate Hiking Guide

With the country’s popularity growing among international tourists, it is becoming difficult to find an authentic, uncrowded adventure in Peru. The Choquequirao trek is just this.

Choquequirao, meaning Cradle of Gold, is an Incan city that was built in the same era as Machu Picchu.

What is Choquequirao?

The Choquequirao ruins receive less than a dozen visitors a day – that’s only 5,800 a year compared to Machu Picchu’s 1.2 million.

Why you should go to Choquequirao as soon as possible

It can easily be extended to five days, which will give you a full day to explore the ruins and enjoy your time in the mountains.

Choquequirao Hiking Route: Four days/three nights

The trail begins in Cachora (2,900m) and leads down into the Apurimac Canyon.

Day One (five to seven hours)

This is the most difficult day, with 13 kilometres of steep ascent comprising of a series of switchbacks and false summits.

Day Two (four to six hours)

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