Reasons why Guyana Should be your Next Travel Destination

Despite its profusion of pristine rainforest, larger-than-life wildlife and cultural heritage with roots across the globe, Guyana is one of those. 

If I had to decide on a destination for a post-quarantine trip, Guyana would win hands down. Don’t believe me? Here are 12 reasons why Guyana should be your next travel destination.

Some 87% percent of Guyana is covered in practically impenetrable rainforest.

Guyana’s home to one of the largest stretches of untouched rainforest on the planet

Thanks to this extensive rainforest coverage, Guyana is an outstanding refuge for wildlife.

There’s larger-than-life wildlife – and excellent chances for a sighting

Most visitors to Guyana head deep into the jungle of the interior. But, travelling through this country is no mean feat.

Exploring Guyana is an adventure from start to finish

Niagara and Iguazú – sure, they’re beautiful. Angel Falls: that’s one big set of falls.

It’s home to one of the world’s most unsung waterfalls

The community has played an integral part in protecting their jungle from the threats of gold mining, logging and oil extraction.

Your visit is helping to preserve the rainforest

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