South America Backpacking Routes

South America is a truly unique travel experience, with scenic views and cultures. Many new South American travelers become intimidated by how much there is to do and how little of it is familiar.

Days One to Three: Start your trip in Rio de Janeiro, a city that is an absolute must-see on any Brazil trip.

Ten Days in Brazil

Take a four-hour bus to Paraty, a colonial coastal city with a laid-back atmosphere and plenty of islands only a day trip away.

Days Four to Six:

Head south to Florianopolis for some relaxation. When you arrive, skip Florianopolis City and head straight to the island to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

Days Seven and Eight:

Your last stop is Iguazú Falls, an overnight bus journey from Florianopolis. These falls are a wonder of the natural world and are jaw-droppingly powerful.

Days Nine and Ten:

Days One and Two: Start in Lima, the vibrant capital of Peru. Spend some time exploring the boardwalk in fancy Miraflores.

Two-week Peru Itinerary

From there, fly to Cusco, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It can get pretty crowded with tourists but is definitely worth it.

Days Three to Five:

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