The 11 Safest Cities for Travel in South America

South America has long been one of the most alluring travel destinations, for a good reason. It’s no wonder more people have found their way to this remarkable continent.

According to the Global Peace Index for 2021, Uruguay ranks top in South America for safety, so where better to start than its capital, Montevideo.

Montevideo, Uruguay

The city emits a European vibe with its architecture and temperate climate.

Santiago, Chile

Staying in Chile but venturing as far south as the continent goes, Punta Arenas is a safe, exciting destination for travelers.

Punta Arenas, Chile

Buenos Aires is many cities in one, famous for its broad boulevards, old-world grandeur, and inimitable character.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Depending on the season, tourists can take advantage of the prime hiking, climbing, skiing, and horseback riding opportunities.

Mendoza, Argentina

The beaches just outside of town are famous for their surf breaks, and world tours routinely have competitions at Praia Mole (Mole Beach).

Florianopolis, Brazil

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