The 15 Coolest Things to Do in Valparaíso, Chile

If you love getting lost in alleyways full of street art, craft beer and cocktails, Valparaíso is the place for you.

From spray can graffiti, to cat mosaics and paintings of intergalactic timelords, you can find it all.

Wander the city’s colourful streets

As there is so much to learn about this amazing city, a walking tour is the perfect way to begin your time.

Join a free walking tour

They are best known for four huge pieces commissioned by the city council on the sides of four of the highest buildings in Valparaíso.

Hunt out the work of Un Kolor Distinto

Spend an afternoon exploring this neighborhood's art-covered passageways and buildings.

Get lost in the winding streets of the Concepción neighbourhood

Thanks to the city’s large university student population, if you fancy a bit of a night out and a dance, there are plenty of options.

Bar hop down Calle Cumming

Here you can buy fish directly from the fisherman. 

Meet some local fisherman at Valparaíso’s port and market

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