The 15 Most Unmissable Things to Do in Arequipa, Peru

If you’re seeking a place away from the crowds yet full of unique things to do, Arequipa is among the must sees in Peru. 

Locals and tourists alike enjoy finding a shady bench with a book or camera to while away an afternoon.

Take in the beautiful Plaza de Armas

Visit the other beautiful churches in the city centre

The centre has many other beautifully built and maintained churches that warrant a visit.

The complex houses more than four hundred pieces of religious art, many of which are showcased in the lovely gallery exhibit.

Tour the Monasterio de Santa Catalina

The market is also a good place to grab a quick local lunch, from grilled chicken and sandwiches, best paired with a freshly-made fruit juice.

Peruse the local goods at Mercado San Camilo

Made with local grapes, pisco is distilled in small to medium batches and bottled without additives to ensure superior quality.

Taste and learn about pisco, Peru’s national spirit

Dominating the city skyline at 19,101 feet (5822m), El Misti is a spectacular sight for many miles in all directions.

Climb El Misti

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