The Best Guide to Visiting Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

I’ve visited the national park on three occasions: to hike the W, then the O Circuit and, most recently, to stay at multiple hotels and enjoy some of the other activities you can find here. 

The top things to do in Torres del Paine National Park

Named after the shape the trek follows, the W is a brilliant introduction to multi-day hiking.

Hike the W trek

The typically nine-day/eight-night O Circuit is an extended version of the W and my preferred trail.

Hike the O Circuit

It’s a challenging trek: 16 kilometres (nine miles) return and with an altitude gain of 750 metres (2,460 feet).

Hike sections of the W 

It’s one of the best views you can get without approaching them directly on foot.

Hike shorter day hikes across the national park

I went out into the park with Chile Nativo, their top puma guide and a local rancher turned puma spotter.

Go puma tracking

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