The Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Argentina, one of the popular gateways to South America, plays host to some of the southern hemisphere’s most dramatic landscapes.

But Argentina isn’t just a place defined by its natural magnificence. It also has one of the most captivating capital cities, which is a must-see for foodies and football fans alike.

Home to the world’s second-largest wetland in the world.

Track rare wildlife in the world’s second-largest wetlands, the Esteros del Iberá 

Comprising 275 cascades and spanning an area 2.7 kilometres wide, Iguazu Falls are a remarkable 195 metres high.

Appreciate one of the world’s natural wonders, Iguazu Falls

This 155-kilometre-long mountain valley is famous for its vibrantly coloured rock formations as well as for its historic.

Photograph the rainbow hues of the Quebrada de Humahuaca

You can feel both the pre-Hispanic and colonial influences in much of this pretty city.

Appreciate colonial architecture in Córdoba

Most visitors to Buenos Aires pass a few days in its dazzling capital, home to Parisian architecture and Latin passions.

Drink, dance and dine in Buenos Aires

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