The Best Places to Visit in Colombia

The cities, beaches, mountains, music, dancing, and welcoming people all beckon you to join in the fun. Ready to jump on that flight? First, discover the best places to visit in Colombia.

Perhaps the perfect place to begin your journey is in one of the original and best-preserved Colombian cities, Cartagena.

Take in the preserved colonial city of Cartagena

Minca draws visitors for its organic coffee and chocolate, unparalleled bird-watching opportunities, and cooler temperatures.

Beat the heat and relax in laid-back Minca

The most popular beach is the beautiful Cabo San Juan del Guía, which has a restaurant and camping site.

Hit the beach at Tayrona National Park

The city is thought to have been inhabited between the 11th and 14th centuries and housed up to four thousand people.

Immerse yourself in a multi-day lost city trek to Ciudad Perdida

Their land is one of stunning contrast, framing untamed sand dunes against the deep blue Caribbean which surrounds them.

Explore the remote Guajira peninsula

Leaving the north coast, thrill-seekers will revel in visiting San Gil, the adventure-sports capital of Colombia.

Get your adrenaline pumping in San Gil

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