The Best Time to Visit Patagonia According to an Expert

With this extensive guide on the best time to visit Patagonia, your moments in South America’s southern frontier are guaranteed to be unforgettable! 

Some of the best Patagonia weather is in November, with summer just around the corner.

The Carretera Austral from November through April

This is also the peak season when all facilities are accessible.

Torres del Paine from October through April

Experience warmer temperatures with less rainfall and longer days – up to 17 hours of sunlight in total.

Ushuaia from late October through early April

The region’s low population is one of the main reasons behind its quiet surroundings.

Chilean Tierra del Fuego from December through March

Patagonia winter truly begins in July, when the ski resorts are fully operational.

Bariloche from July through September

From the end of spring and throughout the summer is when to visit Patagonia on a ferry.

Patagonian Fjords from November through March

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