The Complete South America Packing List

I’ve learned which hiking, camping, and general backpacking gear can withstand months of traveling, so I can talk with educated knowledge about what you should – and shouldn’t – invest your money in. 

- Don’t overpack. - You can buy most things in shops in South America.  - Safety can be an issue in South America.

Key things to consider before packing for South America:

A good-quality backpack and rain cover are essentials for exploring the continent – particularly if you plan on doing any multi-day hiking.

Backpacks for South American travel

Pack a Gore-Tex waterproof coat that’ll keep you warm and dry, even on a boat at the very ends of the earth!

Clothes for South America

- Seven or eight x casual tops  - A smart top or shirt  - Two or three x comfy linen trousers or similar  - Two or three x pairs of leggings

Clothes for her

A pair of hiking boots: It’s worth going into a shop to try on boots before you buy them online to make sure you know your size.

Footwear for your South America trip

- Travel water filter  - A water bottle   - A dry bag  - A compression bag  - Emergency cash

Travel essentials for South America

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