The Only Patagonia Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need

In this guide, you can expect to learn about how to actually get to Patagonia, the best times and places to visit and how to travel or backpack through the region on a budget

The most popular time to visit Patagonia is during the Austral summer.

When to go to Patagonia

- Jetsmart  - Sky Airline  - LATAM

Where to fly into Chilean Patagonia

To get to Patagonia from Santiago, take a bus from the Terminal Sur in Santiago, where you can find overnight buses to Puerto Montt.

How to travel to Patagonia, Chile by bus

My preferred mode of transportation to Patagonia is by passenger and cargo ferry. This is the slow journey to Patagonia, similar to arriving by bus.

How to travel to Patagonia, Chile by boat

Renting a car or a campervan can be a useful way of getting around Patagonia at your own pace and having the chance to explore parts that few tourists see.

Car rental in Patagonia

You may not be covered to drive on some roads in Patagonia if you rent a small, 2×4 vehicle.

Things to be aware of when hiring a car in Chilean Patagonia:

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