The Ultimate Cusco Itinerary for Three to Ten Days

As the one-time capital of an empire which stretched across much of the continent, Cusco has long been on travellers’ radar.  

With so many things to do and a limited time in which to do them, the planning process may seem quite the headache.  

However, with our three- to ten-day Cusco itineraries, setting up your Andean getaway is as stress-free and fun as it’s ever been.

Cusco itinerary for three days of travel

Because of the Cusco altitude, take the day to walk around, hydrate and acclimate. 


Day One: Cusco


Day Two: Ollantaytambo and the Sacred Valley

Ollantaytambo or Ollanta, as the locals call it, is itself a living museum piece and is the closest to what a traditional Incan town was centuries ago.


Day Three: Machu Picchu and return to Cusco

Tour guides are all state-certified, knowledgeable and totally worth the cost. 


Cusco itinerary for five days of travel

Take in the unparalleled Incan masonry along the narrow alleys, contrasting with the newer Spanish baroque architecture.

Days One and Two: Cusco


Day Three: Pisac

This stunning verdant valley runs east to west and offers a perfect change of pace from busier Cusco. 

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