The Ultimate One- or Two-Week Guatemala Itinerary

If there’s one thing you notice when you first arrive in Guatemala it’s how colour seems to bleed from every feature of life here.

Even those without religious learnings can’t fail to be dazzled by the city’s richness of churches and pastel-hued grand homes.

Day one: Antigua

On the northern end of Avenida Cinco Norte, don’t miss the Iglesia de la Merced, with its striking canary yellow façade.

Beautifully woven, these include traditional huipiles (loose-fitting tunics) as well as religious garments.

Day two: Santo Domingo Xenacoj

Lago de Atitlán is surely one of the most spectacular lakes in Central America and, as such, a must on any Guatemala itinerary.

Days three and four: Lago de Atitlán

Spend a day visiting local weaving cooperatives and buying beautiful textiles as souvenirs, learning about traditional Maya medicine, or visiting one of the town’s clutch of art galleries.

You can take a tour of the artwork from the project’s headquarters (in the Plaza Central) at a cost of $95 Q ($12 USD).

In Panajachel

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