Things I Learned From Travelling Plastic-Free

There is a growing recognition that we cannot continue to rely on single-use plastic, which forms massive islands in the middle of oceans and infiltrates marine life's digestive systems.

Here are seven things I learned, plus an overview of everything I now carry as part of my plastic-free travel kit.

One of the biggest hurdles of avoiding single-use plastic is safe, clean drinking water.

Invest in a lightweight, portable water filter before you leave

Almost as important as planning ahead for clean drinking water is bringing the correct tools for eating on the go.

You’ll want a plastic-free eating kit, too

It’s probably easier to follow eco travel principles in lower-income countries than in higher-income countries.

And with two million passengers flying daily, the amount of rubbish – driven by a whole lot of single-use plastic – is sickening.

Airlines are the worst when it comes to single-use plastic

Metal straws on sale in Bambú, Antigua Guatemala, a great example of eco travel in action!

Support places that are working towards a single-use plastic free future

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