Torres del Paine National Park: Food You Should Pack For Hiking

Packing for any Torres del Paine hike is no walk in the park. One of the easiest ways to make hiking the Torres del Paine Circuit or the W trek feel long and uncomfortable is to overpack your food.

I would recommend you approach the park from Punta Arenas where there are a large number of supermarkets.

Where to buy food for hiking in Torres del Paine National Park

- MSR Dragonfly Stove (396g/14oz) - MSR pans (733g/1lbs 10oz)  - Collapsible Bowl (181g/6oz)   - Camping Mug (62g/2oz)  - Spork (23g/0.8oz)

Cooking equipment for hiking Torres del Paine solo

- Sultanas   - Powdered milk  - Tea bags  - Container of coffee

Shopping list for camping in Torres del Paine National Park


- Packs of cheese  - Bread rolls  - Apples - Whole-wheat biscuits


- Twix chocolate bar - Pack of 6 mini Milkyway bar - Cereal bar


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