Unique Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss in Guyana

It’s a place brimming with nature. While the Amazon jungle further south might be scientifically more biodiverse, around 80% of Guyana is covered in tropical rainforest.

It’s the world’s largest single drop waterfall by volume, particularly during the rainy season (May through July) when it’s at its fullest.

Admire the might of Kaieteur Falls

This watery location means its top of the class when it comes to spots to watch the sunset in Guyana. 

Enjoy sunset from the waters of the Essequibo River at Baganara Lodge

Growing up to six feet in diameter, the leaves of this water lily are able to support the weight of a baby.

See the world’s largest lily

The walkway is a series of viewing platforms connected by suspension bridges that provide the finest views across the jungle.

Catch dawn breaking over the rainforest canopy

Guyana isn’t a country known for its long hikes, but there are still plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs here. 

Climb a mountain for incredible rainforest views

Guyana is home to over 225 species of mammal and, thanks to the unspoilt nature of its interior.

Catch a glimpse of big cats in the wild

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