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who is worldly adventurer?

Travel is best when it’s slow and meaningful.

That doesn’t mean to say you need to have six months, a whole year, or even more to travel. It just means you need to slim down your itineraries and make the most of each and every destination you visit. 

If you slow down, you have a better chance to discover those ‘must-see’ places that, ironically, so few other travellers ever pause long enough to discover.

Ready to really discover Latin America?

Search the web and you’ll find yourself inundated with articles claiming they’ll tell you about the top ‘must-see’ destinations in the whole world; the places that you just have to visit if you’re traveling; or the top ten South American destinations that you need to fit into a three-week holiday.

That’s one way to travel: fast, superficially, and following a trail of other tourists.

It’s never been a form of travel I’ve ever wanted to emulate, and particularly not since starting Worldly Adventurer back in 2015. Instead, I enjoy really discovering a place: getting under its skin, meeting local people, and exploring destinations beyond those classed as the “must-visits”. It helps that I’ve spent years living in and writing guidebooks about Latin America and can quite confidently tell you exactly which places deserve the hype – and which are those barely-visited gems that you won’t find written about anywhere else.

Whether you have ten days or ten weeks for your trip, it really doesn’t matter. I’m here to show you the best way to use that time, and yes I’ll throw in the crowd pleasers – as long as you’re willing to give some lesser-known destinations a shot, too. And, with 1.5 million readers around the world trusting Worldly Adventurer each year, it’s fair to say people enjoy reading my advice!

But there’s another concept close to my heart: sustainability.

Worldly Adventurer helps you to plan short (and long!) trips with a focus on spending your money directly with local tour operators, hotels and restaurants – all activities that can help ensure tourism dollars go directly to the local communities, rather than being syphoned off by multinational companies. That’s why I recommend local companies that I know are brilliant, rather than faceless operators on sites such as Viator and Get Your Guide.

I’m also here to help you go deeper into destinations that rank amongst the world’s most visited for travellers: everywhere from Patagonia through to Machu Picchu, the Salar de Uyuni and Easter Island. But, at the same time, I want you to consider widening your lens and adding some of those lesser-visited destinations that sorely need your tourism investment: think the Salkantay hike rather than the Inca Trail; northern Peru rather than just the south; and the Carretera Austral as well as Torres del Paine National Park

Meet Steph

What do I know about Latin America and going beyond the beaten trail?

Steph Dyson, Peru trip planner, standing in front of snowy mountains in Huaraz
Steph Dyson standing at Machu Picchu, Peru
Sign saying "the end of the road" at the end of Patagonia's Carratera Austral near Villa O'Higgins

“Steph gave us the information and confidence that allowed us to spend a month visiting Argentina’s Lake District, negotiating the Carretera Austral, and trekking through the beautiful national parks of Chile and Argentina.”

Mike and Frances
Views of the torres (towers) in Torres del Paine National Park from Laguna Azul
Unique Tourist Attractions You Can’t Miss in Guyana Story Poster Image
The magnificent single-drop waterfall of Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

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