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As a country still pushed to the edges of the standard South American “gringo” trail, some travellers actively avoid travel in Bolivia, concerned by mixed reports about safety and the quality of transport, accommodation and tours. But for those seeking an adventure, travel in Bolivia should be top of your list.

No, Bolivia isn’t quite the trekking paradise that is Patagonia (although it does have its fair share of excellent if very adventurous hikes) or home to iconic Machu Picchu or other world-famous ruins like Kuelap.

But adventure travel in Bolivia is a reality. It might take a bit more planning and investigating to hunt out the best places to visit in Bolivia, but the extra effort is certainly worth it. You’ll find surreal salt flats, dense, pristine rainforests and chaotic but compelling cities.

I personally receive a lot of questions about what you have to see or do when travelling in Bolivia and what exactly visiting this country entails.

As someone who fell in love with the country when I lived there, I’m always keen to oblige and to prove that Bolivia isn’t half as dangerous as the rumours or travelling gossip might suggest. While it’s certainly not the easiest or most comfortable country for travel, it’s worth the confusion, chaos and extra effort.

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