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Peru is a country best known internationally for its remarkable Inca ruins, including the fabled terraces and temples of what became known as the “Lost City of the Incas”, Machu Picchu, a landmark reached most commonly along the Inca Trail.

But beyond this tiny slice of history, Peru is a country with a wealth of other, ever more ancient monuments, such as the striking mountain-top fortresses of Kuélap and Choquequirao. Throughout the country, the landscapes promise drama – be it 6,000-meter peaks or dusty, barren desert, while it’s also a place to delve deep into indigenous South American cultures, such as those of villages tucked deep into the encroaching jungle.

Dotted across the country are world-renowned museums where the history of the Mochica, Chimú, Paracas and Chavín cultures are laid bare, while along the coast, practice everything from surfing the waves of the Pacific to sandboarding down vast, undulating sand dunes.

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