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Vast and, at times, barely inhabited, Argentina is one of the most-visited destinations in South America. Part of its appeal is its vibrant capital city, Buenos Aires, so often disingenuously dubbed the “Paris of South America” but truly Latin in feel.

In the far south, miles upon miles of pampa, windswept grasslands, are inhabited by hardy gauchos and even the occasional Welsh settlement. The backbone of South America that runs along the country’s western edge, the Andes Mountains, are where Argentine Patagonia’s most spectacular national parks lie. Most are filled with immense, egg-blue glaciers that feed into the practically fluorescent waters of ancient lakes, jagged mountains and rare endemic wildlife, with hiking some of the best means of exploring them.

Our one and two-week Patagonia travel itineraries (and itineraries for three weeks and beyond in Patagonia) help you to get the best of the region.